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Torx Wrench

This Torx Wrench set long arm star key with tool holder usa ship offers you everything you need to get your business off the ground, this set comes with an 6-point wrench, which is enticing for reaching above and beyond to be sure you're doing everything you're supposed to. The tool holder makes having tools close by at all times a breeze.

Torx Box Wrench

The Torx box Wrench is a fantastic addition to your toolkit, this tool comes with an 10-pin tamper proof star key set, which makes it peerless for manipulating security screws and other key features. The t6-t30 model is and straightforward to use, making it a first-class substitute for routine use or for serious jobs, this is a set of 11 female Torx star sockets in an overall black color. The set contains a rail and a driver, the set also includes an 4-piston Torx drivers. The inverted Torx Wrench family is back with the 12 38 14 drive e4 -e24 set of bit sockets, this set includes the following: 14 pcs Torx stars, for an even strength reach when gripping factors two-time again. The Torx Wrench key set that she sports on is valuable for any job, this set includes 16 different hex key sizes, so she can find the right key for her work. The set also includes a ball end, so she can easily get the key into her tool.