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Ram Mount Wrench

The hi-torq Wrench is superb for raceways and other non-standardized pieces, it is also compatible with wrenches that are 3. 5 in or larger, the wrenches arearmy-marked with the Ram logo. The Wrench is made of heavy-gauge silver-plated steel and extends a heavy-gauge silver-coatedshank, it is held in place by a rubber washer and ketone-basedase. The Ram Mount Wrench is fit for the 2, size ball arms.

Cheap Ram Mount Wrench

This Ram drill down Wrench is terrific for making small hole in a marine ball mount, with an 6. 25 x 2 plate and a hi-torque wrench, you'll be able to ascension your drill down on this drill, this Mount Wrench is a best-in-class way for people who need to tighten bolts or screws on aram this Mount Wrench is a splendid alternative for admirers who need to tighten bolts or screws on aram this is an outstanding for wdr for working with rams and hi-torqs it is produced to suit 2. 25" diameter ball arms, the Wrench is single-spear type and imparts a diameter of 2. 25" and is single-riveted, it is black in color and gives a crew-pin hole. This Wrench can be used for any job with Ram or hi-torq ball arms, this Ram Mount Wrench is outstanding for working or other machines with 2. 25 ball mounts, it is produced from heavy-duty materials and can handle even the most powerful blows.