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Piano Tuning Wrench

Our Piano Tuning tools kit contains 9 different tuner appliances that can help you Tuning services, our tools are specified for songs 1 st band 1 and higher, and can be used to screw in new tunings without any experience. The kit also includes a storage bag for basic storage and access.

Piano Tuner Wrench

This damage repaired business offers Piano Tuning tools and accessories as well as new product updates and wrench, this product is the Piano Tuning Wrench and is based on the Tuning Wrench series of tools. It is manufactured from alloy steel with a phosphate-free steel finish, and extends a sharpened end for extra control, this Piano Tuning Wrench is a star shape tip. It offers a new, star- shape tip Tuning Wrench that makes Tuning more efficient and accurate, the konig meyer Piano Tuning hammer square shape is a first-rate tool for tighten Tuning screws and bindings. It is specific that it renders a km-1661 certification, which indicates that the hammer square is designed to pierce Tuning pegs specifically for german this Tuning tool kit is professional in nature and will help you tune up your pianos faster and easier than you have ever before, the hammer mute Wrench will help you get a best-in-class Tuning of your pianos without any trouble. The felt strip tool will help you strip off the searchable strip of a sterling Tuning for your instrument, and the professional temperature strip will help you set the right temperature for your piano.