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Fender 1/8 Truss Rod Wrench

This Fender Truss Rod Wrench is splendid for adjusting saddles on your strat, it's reversible, so you can use it as a left-handed or right-handed tool. The wrenches are threaded for an allen keyless chuck and have a black anodized finish, they're otherwise the same as the other Fender tools.

Top 10 Fender 1/8 Truss Rod Wrench

This Fender Truss Rod Wrench is for adjusting the Fender strings on guitars that have an it is additionally known as an old-school Truss Rod Wrench because it was originally created as a tool for guitarists to adjust the Fender strings themselves, this Fender Truss Rod Wrench is a good alternative for a shopper scouring for a simple, old-school tool that can help them adjust the Fender strings properly. This is an 18 allen Wrench Fender Truss Rod Wrench that you can use to tighten up your this Wrench is manufactured of stainless steel and it renders a black anodized aluminum finish, it is 18 allen Wrench size and it is going to help you tighten up the Fender up to the required fit. This Fender Truss Rod Wrench is for use with and telecaster guitars to tighten Truss Rod magnets, it is manufactured of durable plastic and presents a key type for american made guitars. This Fender Truss Rod Wrench can easily remove and reference the position of the Truss Rod magnets on your guitars, it imparts a small fit for the Truss Rod and renders a big hole for an octagon-shaped terminal. The handle is manufactured of heavy-duty plastic and grants an of heavy-duty plastic, the Truss Rod Wrench is set with 17" of torque fasteners and grants a small hole for a phone.