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Duramax Fan Clutch Wrench

This Duramax Fan Wrench is a splendid tool for tightening down or removing the water pump on a Duramax fan, it provides a lock-on system that keeps the Wrench secure, and a key-style handle makes it effortless to keep track of where you are working.

Duramax Fan Clutch Wrench Amazon

This Duramax Fan Clutch Wrench is designed to tighten or loosen Fan screws on a Duramax engine, it is again designed to remove or close the catch and secure the Fan in place. This tool is necessary wherever going to be tightening or removing the Fan screws often or if you want to clean the Fan out of the engine, this Duramax Fan Clutch Wrench is for twist and pinch to open the airtight door that covers the flywheel. It is important to remove the airtight door (or vise versa) so that the Fan can start, the Wrench is then used to tighten the Fan Clutch on top of the flywheel. Note: the Fan Clutch should be used only when the flywheel is not tight enough to the metal, when the flywheel is too tight, the Fan might not start. The Fan Clutch should be used only when the flywheel is not tight enough to the metal, 6 l Duramax model. It is fabricated of durable materials to ensure years of use, the handle is produced of heavy-duty materials that can take but not take away from your hand's strength. It is again an 4-pin 61500 this Duramax Fan Clutch Wrench is best-in-the-class for a shopper who wants to tighten or remove a Fan from an engine, this Duramax Fan Wrench is top-rated for unlocking the water pump and flywheel on a Duramax fan. The tool renders a black powder coating and is engraved with the fan's model and number, it is furthermore gives a lock socket Fan Wrench from this tool is additionally compatible with the Duramax air coolers.