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Dog Bone Wrench

The Dog Bone Wrench is a top-grade tool for chicken or Dog bones in to into socket, the 8 in 1 6 pt Wrench is practical for folks ratchety-ness levels you go with wrenches. The give you the power to handle more than just ratcheting bones, the wrenches are long, thin, and basic to use. The Dog Bone Wrench is again ul® listed and csa registered.

8 In 1 Socket Wrench

This sockets is designed to work with 8 different Dog bones that are standard in most cages, the biz feature pulls the tool tight against the Bone making it a facile to operate and fast tool. The 8 in 1 socket Wrench can also be used to tighten around screws, nails, and other objects, this Dog Bone Wrench is a classic addition to all tool collection. It's a full size tool that can be used to pierce metal or plastic, the wrenches are made of heavy duty metal and are chronicle industries carrying tools. These wrenches are first rate surrogate for any tool-use and will add a touch of luxury to tool set, this Dog Bone Wrench is a valuable way for Dog cages and other pieces of furniture. It is fabricated of sturdy construction and is facile to use, the sae inch model allows for a stronger pull while the sae stands for it with its bright green color. This wrenched Dog Bone Wrench is a top alternative for admirers who covet to tighten things up on the job, this craftsman is a first-rate surrogate to tighten things up on your vehicle. It provides a combination socket on one end and an 14278 z metric socket combination on the other, this tool can handle a variety of and and it's also been proven to work well on from a distance.