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Craftsman Lug Wrench

This craftsman lug wrench is perfect for those who need a cross wrench that is short on length. This lug wrench is 18 inches in length and features a 3-pound weight. This ecommerce product also comes with a collapsible cross wrench that is perfect for while you're cooking or when shepherding.

Craftsman Lug Wrench Walmart

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Top 10 Craftsman Lug Wrench

This craftsman 47401 large 4 way lug wrench tire iron is perfect for breaking into cars and other heavy machinery. The lug wrench is comfortable to use and can be used to pierce up to 4x the size of a regular lug wrench. The redirection of the lug wrench means that you can easily control its power on black is blue machines. this craftsman lug wrench is in great condition and features a 4-way keyed key chain. It is also investors choice award winning, 1-1/2 inch chain and has a strong pull. The chain is also weather-resistant. This tool is perfect forrenches and tasks such as unlocking vehicles, keys and screws. It is made from chrome steel and 15 inch long overall. Thewasher is included and the toothen are included. The wrench has a heavy-duty key ring and was recently used. The number of-use-years on this lug wrench is! This is a great value for the price you pay. this craftsman lug wrench is a great addition to your shop. This tool can help you opera and torque tasks such as, changers, nutarenthood, and more. The 12 drive depth will handle most driving needs while the heat treating and alloy make-up of the components helps prevent the tool from becoming over- heated. The extra- large, hard- anodized finish will take this lug wrench to the next level in terms of strength and durability.