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Craftsman 1/4 Torque Wrench

The Craftsman Torque Wrench is an excellent value for the price you pay, it is an aluminum frame and design with brushed aluminum tools. The Torque Wrench is a top-notch for people who wish to toolkit, it imparts 8 mm and 10 mm sockets with continued use and care. The prices for the Craftsman Torque Wrench are both price each.

Top 10 Craftsman 1/4 Torque Wrench

This Craftsman Torque Wrench is prime for working or small screws, the deep socket makes it top-of-the-line for working with small parts, and the metric style makes it basic to remember how much power is available. The 4, 5 mm wiper is likewise good fortenance-free cleaning. The Craftsman Torque Wrench is a sterling way for admirers who are selling their machine and want to focus on the product instead of the selling process, the Torque Wrench is 14" long and extends an 38" long. The Craftsman Torque Wrench is priced at $14, 06 each. The tool gives a deep socket for getting into difficult to reach spots and the metric fitting means that you can use this tool to work with or without a tool, this is a Craftsman Torque wrench. It is discontinued but 8 mm 10 mm sockets are discontinued and for price each.