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Bottom Bracket Wrench

The top tool company's hcw-18 Bottom Bracket spanner Wrench is designed to help get your bike fix, it extends an 18" spanner Wrench body and a deep, wide bore. The spinner is manufactured of heavy-gauge steel and the are made of stainless steel with a phosphate-free finish, it's also been equipped with a type-3 tool-life rating.

Cheap Bottom Bracket Wrench

This is a versatile Wrench that can be used to tighten down nuts and climb up from the top of the bike to work on the Bottom of the bike, the 56 mm notch allows for a comfortable grip and makes it basic to use. This Bottom Bracket Wrench is designed to remove bicycles locks from the Bottom of the bike, it presents a tommy-style ratcheting handle and is produced of durable materials. The wrenches are inch sizes, while the ratchets are not, which makes it an exceptional tool for biker's/ cyclist's repair work, the Wrench can also be used to chop it up to 48. 5 mm using the 16 notch, the tool is manufactured to handle other wrenches as well. This is a Bottom Bracket Wrench that we sell, it's a fix it yourself job, and it's not really needed very often.