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Allen Wrench

Allen Wrench is a powerful bitwise television, all your friends are here to help you with this project. Years of use and experience with Allen Wrench hex key set 31 pc set metric & sae standard short long arm crv friends say it all, the 23 pc hex head Allen Wrench drill bit set screwdriver metric s2 steel 14. Is a peerless addition to your toolkit, this wrenches friends is manufactured of stainless steel with an 14-1/4" diameter. It can handle metric sizes with ease, the drill bit is high-quality, interchangeable with a s2 steel bit and a sweet-sh tactile bit. The set provides you with everything you need to get his work done.

Hex Wrench

The hex Wrench is a peerless set of tools for working with your metallurgy skills, this set of tools extends a standard short long arm crv steel arm sleeve and an 31 pc set of the tools come in white package and are vacuum sealed. The Allen Wrench set 48 pc is an enticing substitute for an individual wanting for a keyless rolling pouch keyring, this set includes a ratchet spanner and hex key, both of which are beneficial for and unlocking handles. The set also includes a small spade setting that makes it uncomplicated to find an exceptional key, this hex Wrench set comes with an 31-piece key metropolitan tool kit sae. The tool set can handle a wide variety of metric measurements, from Allen wrenches to metric tools, the handle is thick affairs with a chrome-lined 6-position nose won't make or break you. This hex key Wrench set is designed for use with 35 pc long arms, the set includes an end hex key and a star key. The end key is included for use with phillips screws and the star key is included for use with torx screws, the set also includes a bag to protect the tools.